Caronet Network Architecture

At Caronet, our investments in infrastructure translate into huge network benefits for you, including abundant bandwidth, full redundancy, reduced latency and superior performance.

Full Redundancy

With the recent expansion of our hosting facilities (XB1), our network has been redesigned to offer even more performance and resilience. We have implemented a collapsed core/distribution layer design to better facilitate the truly remarkable amounts of bandwidth we're capable of supporting in our environment. Our network is fully redundant and self healing from top to bottom. As part of the network redesign we have begun using Brocade NetIron MLX-16 switches as our access layer. These are deployed with multi-10GbE uplinks to a paired set of Foundry NI-MLX-16 core switches, allowing for local layer 3 routing, policy assignment and egress DoS protection. The servers connect to our network via MRJ21 cables, thus allowing full 1Gbps line-rate utilization and unprecedented growth potential directly at our access layer. With our new network deployments we can support up to 160Gbps for every 336 servers installed - a feature that easily surpasses that of current industry standards. The MLX provides redundant service by utilizing OSPF or VRRP, ensuring that both layer 2 and layer 3 traffic has an alternate path in the event of a failure.

Guaranteed Master Status

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Each core switch layer MLX connects via multi-10GbE bundles to sets of Force10 E600's, acting as our border routers. In addition to the direct connections to the E600s, each MLX connects to its hot-spare through a dedicated 10GbE bundles - assurance that, in the event of a physical network cable/fiber cut, the device will not need to degrade its master status and can continue passing traffic through its hot-spare, thus limiting the amount of automated actions taking place in the event of a minor failure.

The E600s and the MLX16s communicate internally via iBGP, allowing for extensive route mapping and traffic shaping and helping us to provide you with the fastest connections and least latent path possible.