Technology Service Providers

Technology Services Providers such Systems Integrators, Manager Solutions Providers and IT Consultants require a partner who understands IT Infrastructure and the importance of Application Performance. Caronet provides our technology service partners the ability to incorporate the latest in IT Infrastructure services without the upfront capital expense.

Hosting solutions must be scalable to accommodate traffic flow, version updates and storage options that provide fast access to files and information. At Caronet, we offer Cloud, Dedicated Hosting and Colocation solutions with flexible service and term options. You use the same infrastructure for development testing, production operation, or in combination with our Hybrid Hosting options to maintain separation between testing and production environments acting while connected as one architecture.

So whether your need is to leverage Hosting Servers or place your servers in a reliable colocation facility, or both in Hybrid Hosting environment, Caronet has the expertise to meet your needs.

Caronet's team is very experienced and knowledgeable about infrastructure hardware and software solutions and guides us in regards to our expansion needs – making sure that we're getting the proper equipment to work with our goals. −Don Kurtz, IT Manager, C.A. Jones Management Group, LLC

Partnering with Caronet provides you Performance

Caronet provides performance results in low latency, increases speed to market and utilizes top server architecture, all the while offering affordable pricing. Our ability to go beyond the simple dedicated server to help develop complex server clusters is what sets Caronet apart from other hosting providers.

For performance, Caronet provides multiple layers of protection and performance.

  • Multiple layers of secure bandwidth protection provide maximum performance and uptime even during a single carrier outage.
  • Solutions span from dedicated servers, cloud, colocation and hybrid.
  • Servers are brand-name with reliable uptime and redundant options to ensure optimal game hosting performance.
  • All dedicated game servers are equipped with A and B power feeds in an N+1 model providing power and cooling availability 24/7.

Caronet Offerings for Technology Service Providers

Caronet Cloud

More applications are being delivered within cloud based solutions. Caronet Cloud can easily scale resources up or down to account for fluctuations in usage. Since billing is utility based, costs are very low during development cycles and stay cost effective once in production as they are based on actual usage.

Dedicated / Managed Hosting

Caronet Server Hosting solutions are utilized for everything from application development to production environments. Caronet specializes in Complex Hosting Solutions that provide robust performance and redundancy maximizing uptime and performance. Find out more today.

Colocation / Managed Colocation

Technology Services Providers who either have already made the investment in infrastructure or feel the need to own their own servers can leverage Caronet Colocation services to achieve the bandwidth connectivity and physical security our hosting customers currently enjoy.

Caronet also goes further than the competition by offering managed colocation where we will provide management services on your servers eliminating the need for onsite staff and freeing up resources for revenue generating activities.