Hosting Providers

Web, Shared and Dedicated Hosting providers require a partner who understands their hosting, connectivity and 24/7 support requirements. Caronet uses name brand servers and currently supports Hosting Providers located all over the globe. In fact, 50% of our revenue comes from outside the U.S. which is a testament to our network and how we mitigate latency.

We know a positive online experience creates ongoing revenue for you. Our Hosting Provider clients demand performance. That's why we provide only engineered hosting solutions which means:

  • A skilled approach to Cloud and Server Hosting services
  • A service that focuses on end user experience, not just hardware performance
  • Caronet MCT Network provides the fastest path, fastest ping
  • CaroSupport – 24/7 Hands on support approach
We couldn't ask for a better partner in providing our servers. Every aspect of the solution reflects the excellence that the people behind the scenes provide. We value Caronet's expertise and depend on their assistance in providing our services to our own customers.
−Ionut Dumitru. CEO of Soft Dreams

Caronet provides specific solutions for web, shared and dedicated Hosting Providers on dedicated and managed servers. Our diverse inventory includes servers that can be loaded with large drive sizes to stack a large number of shared accounts. Whether you need turnkey dedicated servers, want to place your own servers in a reliable colocation facility, or both in Hybrid Hosting environments, Caronet has the expertise, services and facilities to meet your expectations and your budget. Our customers agree.

Caronet Offerings for Hosting Providers

Dedicated / Managed Hosting

Caronet Server Hosting solutions are customized for our Hosting Provider clients. This includes special preference for installation and services. Additionally, special software, firewalls, load balancers, SAN storage and other options are available.

Whether you need servers with lots of large drives for web and shared hosting or dedicated servers to turnkey to your clients, with Caronet you are able to provide a full suite of services to your customers.

Colocation / Managed Colocation

Hosting Providers who either have already made the investment in infrastructure or feel the need to own their own servers can leverage Caronet Colocation servers to achieve the bandwidth connectivity and physical security our Hosting Provider customers currently enjoy

Caronet also goes further than the competition by offering managed colocation where we will provide management services on your servers eliminating the need for onsite staff and freeing up resources for revenue generating activities.