Dedicated 2.0

The Next Generation Of Dedicated Servers

Welcome to Dedicated 2.0—Caronet’s answer to customers who demand more. This product offers the reliability of dedicated servers with the added benefits of the Cloud. Now you can meet the demands of your workload—and the demands of your customers—without being bound to a particular piece of hardware. Dependability meets flexibility in Dedicated 2.0.


Cross-Platform System Upgrades and Downgrades

Let your website dictate the processing power.
Seamlessly migrate from system to system as your workload increases or decreases. Dedicated 2.0 allows you to maximize your system’s agility. You can grow from an entry-level E3-1200v2 4 core system to an E5-2400 4-6 core or an E5-2600 16 core—all the way up to a 40-core system, if that’s what your workload requires. All without the headache of moving your data and working through hardware compatibility issues.

HA Cloud Features (Hardware Failures)

Decrease downtime.
When hardware fails, Dedicated 2.0 allows you to migrate between systems without any downtime, thanks to IaaS HA. This is true enterprise-class Cloud, offering hardware fault tolerance as a standard—not just the ability to restart your server, application or workload elsewhere.



Storage Snapshots

Record data time slices with the click of a button.
Use snapshots to clone a new server, roll your existing server back, or study a particular point in time. Our Dedicated 2.0 product allows for these visual “backups” without requiring host-level software.

Failure/Maintenance Reduction

Increase your MTBF.
Without in-server hard drives and raid controllers, your chances for failure decrease significantly. Instead, our enterprise-class storage system is managed by our staff 24/7, allowing for reduced rates of failure/maintenance.



High-Performance Enterprise-Class Storage

Meet your demands for high-performance.
Get rid of bottlenecks with advanced caching and the potential to utilize as much IO as you need. With Dedicated 2.0, you’re not limited to the number of disks that can fit within the chassis (typically 8, 12 or 24). Instead, when your workload increases and your needs become more complex, Caronet can offer IO equivalent to hundreds of disks—far exceeding any in-server spindle-based options on the market. Dedicated storage subsystems also are available.

Seamless Migrations Between Cloud & Dedicated

Build cheap and transfer without reconfigurations.
Utilize our metered Cloud product to build, configure and test; then, migrate seamlessly into the Dedicated 2.0 environment. This flexibility allows Dedicated 2.0 customers to go through the building and testing phases at a lower cost than production. Once your system is ready to roll, simply make the transfer—without redeployment or migration.



Templated Installs/Reinstalls & System Cloning

Accelerate new server deployments.
Grow your solution in a matter of minutes, not hours, with system templates and cloning. Have a load-balanced solution and need to add more servers? No problem. With Dedicated 2.0, the process is extremely fast and virtually carefree.

10Gb Connectivity On E5 Servers

Improve your customers’ experience.
Increase bandwidth to meet the demands of your customers and decrease lag and latency with our by-default 10Gb server connectivity. Dedicated 2.0 ensures your system’s performance is always up to par for your customers—a business “must” that’s becoming tougher by the day, as applications continue to demand more and more bandwidth.



Free High-Speed Private Network (Unmetered)

Decrease bandwidth usage.
Utilize our free private network for low-latency intersystem communication—and do so without paying for modification or upgrades. Dedicated 2.0 entry- and mid-level systems come with a 1Gb connection; upper-level systems come with a 10Gb connection.