Dedicated Server FAQs

Our Dedicated Server Hosting FAQ list is a great jumping-off point for troubleshooting. If you don't see what you need here, contact customer support.


How many IP addresses come with my dedicated server?

Two IP addresses are provided with each dedicated server. Additional IP addresses can be purchased upon request. [Note: Justification for these IP addresses must be in compliance with ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) guidelines.]

Do you have an uptime guarantee?

Caronet offers a 99.999% network SLA uptime guarantee with standard dedicated servers. Further information on our policies can be found in our Service Level Agreement

How much bandwidth do I receive with my server?

Every server comes with bandwidth. The amount of bandwidth is denoted in the product description area for the server. Additional bandwidth is available for purchase through your order process selection, or you can contact for a customized quote.

How can I work on my servers remotely?

You may perform system administration through SSH access on Linux servers or RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) for Microsoft servers. Caronet also offers DRAC (Dell Remote Access Cards), otherwise known as KVM over IP management, to allow you to directly connect to your server in the event you cannot connect through standard protocols.

Do you monitor my bandwidth usage?

Yes, we perform standard MRTG tracking at your server's switch port level.

Do you manage my DNS?

Yes, we can provide assistance in setting up your DNS records for your server.

Do you offer private networks?

Yes, secondary network connections with private address ranges are available.

Do you count bandwidth between servers?

No, internal bandwidth that is routed through your VPN (Virtual Private Network) is not counted against your total bandwidth allotment.

What kind of connection does my server get?

Your server is set up with either a standard dedicated 1000Mbps or 100Mbps public/private switch port. The service description indicates the port speed at which your server is connected to its network switch port, and upgrades from 100Mbps to 1000Mbps are available where applicable.


What brand of server hardware do you use?

Caronet provides only the highest quality DELL server hardware. All servers are purchased new direct from the factory. We do not purchase after-market equipment or white boxes.

Can I upgrade my server?

Yes, hardware upgrades are available directly, through your customer portal area, or by contacting

If my hardware fails who is responsible for replacing it?

While we extensively test our hardware and only use the highest quality equipment, all hardware at some point in time will eventually fail. Caronet is directly responsible for your hardware replacement and we offer a one-hour guaranteed part replacement on all hardware failures.

What type of RAID do you offer with your servers?

Caronet only offers hardware RAID (no software RAID) and can provide a multitude of RAID options, including but not limited to RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID6, RAID10 and RAID50. Customizable solutions are also available by contacting our sales department.

Can I ship you my own hardware to use as a dedicated server?

We do not allow customers to ship in their own hardware for use as dedicated servers, with the exception of data uploads. For large amounts of data transfer, we do allow customers to ship us preloaded drives or other storage devices that we will directly connect to your server for a brief period of time to allow you to upload data as needed. We do, however, allow customers to ship their own gear for Colocation services - cages, full racks, half racks, third racks or shared racks. Colocation Information

What happens if I run out of space on my hard drives?

We monitor resource utilization such as available disk storage and will alert you to your data consumption. In the event you need additional storage space, you may be able to add additional drives to your server, or replace existing drives with larger drives to accommodate your storage needs.


For a full list of our AUP / SLA and TOS policies

Do I get physical access to my dedicated server?

Dedicated servers are housed in special areas of our data centers. We do not allow any physical access to dedicated servers. Only authorized personnel from Caronet are allowed access to dedicated server environments.

Do I get root access to my dedicated server?

Unmanaged servers are provided full root or administrative privileges. Managed servers are not provided root level access.

Do you have an SLA, TOS and AUP?

Yes, all policies can be found at our legal documentation.

How long will it take to complete my order?

Typical server setup times are 24-48 hours depending on the amount of orders in queue. All servers are set up individually, tested by our system administrators, and checked for all service functionality prior to sending your welcome letter.

Who is my account manager?

Your dedicated account manager, along with all company departments and services, are listed in your customer portal area.


What levels of Management do you provide?

Caronet provides Self-Managed, Fully Managed and Enterprise Management. For a full list of management services please see Dedicated Server Management.

Do you monitor my server?

Caronet monitors your server and sends alters for various functions such as service unavailability, physical resource usage, bandwidth consumption as well as the services listed at Dedicated Server Management.

Do you provide assistance with website or service migration?

Caronet can assist you with migration efforts of your website or services. Please contact for further information.

Do you secure my dedicated server?

Caronet provides initial security hardening on all servers. Ongoing security maintenance is provided at various management levels. Detailed information regarding ongoing security maintenance is located here.

Do you manage my OS?

Caronet offers a variety of OS (Operating System) management solutions. Our full list can be found here as well as various levels of OS Management.

Do you provide DBA (Data Base Administration)?

Caronet staffs DBA's for MySQL and MSSQL database management, optimization and performance enhancements. For specific quotes or inquiries, please contact a sales representative at to discuss your needs.

What Operating Systems do you support?

A full list of our supported Operating systems can be found here.

Add-on Services / Upgrades

Do you offer backup services?

We offer various backup options and solutions for our clients. A full list of backup service offerings can be found here.

Do you offer a control panel?

We offer a variety of control panels and complementing add-ons to our clients. A full list of control panels can be found here.

Do you offer firewalls?

We offer several hardware and software firewall options to provide a secure environment. A full list of Firewall services can be found here.

What additional software do you offer?

Additional software and add-on services are available when you place your order, through your customer portal, or by contacting us at A full list of additional software can be found here.

Can I purchase additional bandwidth?

Additional bandwidth is available in various block sizes when you place your order, through your customer portal, or by contacting us at