Colocation FAQs

Accessibility and Connectivity

Q: What kind of network uptime should I expect?

A: Caronet offers a 99.999% uptime guarantee, but you should expect no network-related downtime, as our network infrastructure is set up completely redundantly (multi-homed, multiple providers, multiple physical paths) and allows for little to no issues from localized upstream outages. For more information, please check our Service Level Agreement.

Q: Do I have access to my equipment?

A: For colocation customers, Caronet offers 24x7x365 access to authorized staff for your equipment. This access includes employee badges along with a biometric hand scan that is used for two-stage access to allow entrance through our mantraps.

Q: What connection speeds are available within the data centers?

A: We currently support 10mbps, 100mbps, 1gbps (copper and fiber) and 10gbps fiber. Caronet customers are able to utilize Caronet bandwidth, or simply supply their own circuits. We are carrier neutral and most can either be routed directly to our facilities or come in via a local loop from one of the main carriers available.

Q: Can I ship my equipment to you? What are your shipping and receiving polices?

A: Yes, you can ship your equipment to us, and we will rack and stack your equipment. Remember, you have one hour of free service time available to help get you up and running.


Q: What kind of security features are in place at Caronet Data Centers?

A: Our buildings are manned 24x7 by our highly qualified personnel. Authorized customers may access their servers as needed. Authorized customers are required to pass two-stage access, including mantraps featuring swipe card and biometric access. Surveillance video with over 50 cameras is available to our staff, and video footage is kept for at least 30 days.

Q: What kind of Fire Suppression Systems is used within Caronet Data Centers?

A: We use monitored two-stage dry-pipe pre-action systems.

Q: Does colocation include any firewall services on the network?

A: Most customers implement their own firewall architecture; however, for those that need assistance, Caronet offers dedicated firewall solutions, which generally are customized to meet customers' requirements. For more information, please call for details.

Q: What options do I have for security on my cabinet(s)?

A: Caronet provides lockable cabinets as a standard feature; however, customized features such as card scan, key code and biometric scan can be purchased.

Q: If I only need a partial cabinet, is that an option?

A: Yes, Caronet provides data center space for 1/3 cabinet, 1/2 cabinet, full cabinet and even customized cage space configurations.


Q: What if I need remote hands support?

A: Caronet offers 24x7x365 remote hands for services similar to reboots, Level 1 diagnostic problems, hard drive replacements, etc. Each colocation customer receives a minimum of one hour free remote hands services. If needs exceed the free period, then remote hands are still available at $150 per hour billed in 15 minute increments.

Q: What if I need specialized service assistance that is more complex than just remote hands?

A: During regular business hours of 8am-6pm, Caronet maintains a staff of systems administrators familiar with several databases like MSSQL, MySQL, as well as many flavors of Unix/Linux and Windows environments. Systems Administration time can be purchased at the rate of $150 per hour. For any questions, simply call us to describe your needs.

Q: Is there any real-time information available to me regarding my colocation services?

A: Yes, all colocation hosting customers get secured access to the Caronet online portal, which provides real-time graphs of your bandwidth utilization as well as an access tracking log that includes the last 30 days of history for data center access.

Q: Do Caronet Data Centers offer full A-B power feeds?

A: Yes, we do offer FULL A-B power feeds. The emphasis on the word FULL is to communicate that our A-B feeds are full path, including the generators, ATS, UPS and internal distribution. Many providers will offer two internal paths and call it A-B feeds, which utilize the same single generator - not at all a true A-B feed.

Caronet's A-B feeds use separate power sources upon data center entrance, which then go to separate Automatic Transfer Switches and are distributed throughout the data center using separate central UPS systems and Power Distribution Units. At no point do Caronet A-B power feeds have any common equipment that could affect both feeds.

Q: Do you provide managed service options on my colocated equipment?

A: Yes, we will provide managed services on your equipment located in Caronet colocation facilities. Managed services are a customized solution to meet your requirements. For more information, please call for details.