No force-fitting configuration

We’ve invested heavily in all the tools and resources necessary to ensure our Cloud services are unrivaled. We believe in engineered hosting, which means each hosting solution is built specifically for each client’s needs. We will never force you into packages that don’t fit your needs. With Caronet, there is freedom in the Cloud!

Reconfigure Servers

Most Cloud providers do not allow you to enhance hardware resources on the fly. With Caronet, you are free to configure CPU cores, memory, and disk storage independently of each other, and change them any time.

Management Console

The ability to easily manage technology is what makes it valuable. Create and configure Cloud servers easily from our Web portal. Console access is available from the portal to reconfigure your server’s network settings or watch boot messages.

Fully Redundant Architecture

Our decentralized SAN architecture is built on UPS and generator-backed redundant power feeds, ensuring no downtime. Multiple Tier 1 network providers and redundant network and fiber channel switching ensure high availability. High availability and full redundancy are both important, but offering these at the same time means no lapse, no downtime, period.

Operating System Choices

Caronet has an OS list that is supported across the board for our managed customers; however, we also are proud to support more than 450 compatible operating systems for Cloud customers—one of the many ways our VMware virtualization technology helps us to offer the best in Cloud computing. A complete list of supported operating systems and applications is available here.

Infrastructure Options

In addition to our unmatched speed, reliability and security, Caronet also offers add-ons for those who are always on the lookout for more. Hardware load balancers and firewalls are available, as well as private networks and private VLANs. Get more information here.

Server Cloning

Cloning is a simple way to create a duplicate of your running server from top to bottom, whether for additional capacity, future development, for use as a template, or as a backup for point-in-time restoration.


vCloud's RESTful API gives you the same functionality of the Web console. This allows users and resellers to integrate Cloud controls into their own applications or user portals.

Billing by the hour

CPU, memory and storage are billed monthly and pro-rated on the hour. So should you alter the configuration of your server, your billing will reflect the changes almost immediately. Bandwidth is billed monthly based on usage.