vCloud's RESTful API is intuitive, simple to use, and syncs easily with your existing programming and scripting languages. Using the API extends your control over Caronet's Cloud management interface, facilitating integration of our cloud services into your applications or internal portal. Access to the control panel and API is secured via SSL to protect your services and credentials.

In addition to integration, you also can scale your application, clone your servers for rapid deployment, or reconfigure your server's hardware or network configuration. Links to vCloud API documentation are below. You'll find them both thorough and easy to use.

vCloud API documentation

vCloud API Specification
vCloud API Programming Guide

API Operations

Show Servers View all servers currently deployed to your account.
Create Servers Create new Cloud servers from the template catalog, or copy one of your existing Cloud servers.
Power Control Power up, power down, shut down, and restart your Cloud servers.
Destroy Servers Remove Cloud servers from your account.
Configure /Re-Configure Servers Change your servers' CPU core count, RAM allocation, and add or remove additional storage.
Show/Add IP Addresses View or add public and private IP addresses available to your account.